One night in Singapore

19883987_10159084430715220_5676045783741157206_nI visited Singapore by bus from Kuala Lumpur just for one night because I’d heard it’s quite expensive there.  While the buses are comfortable and only cost £8, they are very slow and mine ended up taking 8 hours instead of 4.   If you are in KL investigate domestic flights because it might be much quicker and just as cheap to fly to Johor Bahru and cross the border bridge from there.

There aren’t many cheap hostel options in Singapore but I managed to find a fairly decent one called Footprints for $20 a night.  It’s in the Asian quarter and has some good cheap food options nearby.

Singapore is small enough that you can walk everywhere, but the metro is also very affordable, clean and efficient.  They also operate the O-bike rental scheme.

I didn’t get to go out at night because we arrived too late so I just spent the next day exploring the Gardens by the Bay and the area around that.  I also coughed up the $23 fee to go to the roof of the Marina Bay Sands, but to be honest it might not be worth the money unless you are feeling rich.

Take note the border post is the toughest I’ve ever experienced – you will likely have your bag searched a number of times, get body searched and put in a decontamination unit to be sprayed!

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